Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between us (“CreditKingz”) and the entity or person (“you”) who registered on the CreditKingz registration page or made a purchase to receive software, goods or services provided by us that apply to video games.


General & Agreement Terms:

All customers who make an order on CreditKingz.co.uk automatically agree to have read all agreements fully (including but not limited to "Terms & Conditions", "Privacy Policy"). Upon registering and ordering from us, you automatically agree to our full Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

If you register and realize before ordering that you do not agree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy, you may email us at support@creditkingz.co.uk to request account termination. However, you legally agree via this agreement that once you place an order or register on our website, you have read and agree to both our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy. Order placement on our website is the point of no return for our agreements (including but not limited to "Terms & Conditions", "Privacy Policy").


Liability & Copyright Terms:
All Forza Horizon 4 items as well as other items or other game content are the intellectual property of Playground Games, Turn 10 Studios (developer) and possibly Microsoft Studios (publisher). I make no claim to the virtual property of the items traded here. The buyer only pays for the time and effort expended to achieve the score. The account, the items and the money itself remain the property of Playground Games, Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft Studios!
The buyer also indemnifies creditkingz.co.uk against all claims by said developer / publisher by purchasing this item. With the purchase you agree to this statement.
Account Warranty:

This warranty does not apply or expires if:

1. Your account has been banned for a 30 day period.

2. You have requested that your personal data be deleted in accordance with the GDPR.

3. We have a reasonable suspicion that the ban was not caused by our service.

4. The ban reason has nothing to do with our service, also if we cannot confirm that the account on which the order was placed is the same as the account in the warranty claim.

5. You have opened a buyer protection application via PayPal or similar.

6. A warranty application has already been made for this order.

7. You have posted a negative or neutral rating on a rating platform such as Trustpilot.

8. We no longer (can) offer our services.

This guarantee is voluntary, the legal process is excluded.


Refund Policy:

We offer refunds in the event of true fraud which is determined by us and the victim's bank, duplicate orders, orders containing more than one item per product by accident, orders containing duplicate subscriptions or products by accident in separate rows, and in cases where the owner or management of the website deem a refund necessary and send in writing to a customer's email that a refund will be issued.

Our customers agree upon purchasing that under no other circumstances will a refund be given for digital software or services.


Dispute & Chargeback Policy:

Customers agree upon ordering that under no circumstances if an order error is not made or fraud is not committed that they will not receive a refund. If a customer breaks our Terms & Conditions by filing for a refund through any third party, we reserve the right to not only dispute their claim and provide proof of our terms and delivery, but we also reserve the right to additionally ban any software access and undo any services related to that customer. We do not tolerate scammers and additionally reserve the right to keep any funds related to customers we have banned from usage even after a financial institution has been provided evidence of agreement, signage and delivery from us.

We reserve the right to search customers using third party agencies to gather additional information to submit to financial institutions. We additionally reserve the right to submit software logs to financial institutions to show usage of software.